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Would you like to help the Documenting Hope Conference educate more parents and practitioners about the new childhood epidemics and what can be done to help heal and support affected children?

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You will receive $50 for every ticket that is purchased through your affiliate link, regardless of any discounts or promo codes applied.

Here’s How the Affiliate Program Works

1) Fill out the online application form below.

2) After you have filled out your application, we’ll confirm your signup by sending you an email with the login credentials (username and password) that you chose.

3) Use your login credentials to log in to the Affiliate Referral Partner Log In. Be sure to scroll down to the “Referral partner log in” section, as shown here in the image. The image will show to the right on a laptop or tablet, and below this text block on your phone.

4) Once you’re in, generate your unique affiliate links by using the “Link Generator” in the left sidebar of the Affiliate Referral Partner portal. You’ll need to generate a separate link for each type of ticket, Parent or Professional.

You will do this by scrolling to the bottom of the Link Generator page and going to where it says “Generate Link”. In the field called “Where are you driving traffic to”, you will then select the type of ticket (Parent or Professional) for which you want to generate a link (see graphic below).

If you’d like a link for each type of ticket, you’ll need to do this again for the other type of ticket. Our system does not save your unique links, so be sure to to copy your affiliate link to a document or notepad for easy access, although you can always regenerate the link if you need to.

5) Grab shareable images at our Affiliate Assets page.

6) If there are commissions due to you, you will receive a payout once a month via a PayPal account. At this time, a PayPal account is required to process all payments.

7) Thank you!

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